Eingereicht von Team4040 (Participating Members: Hoier Jona, Kurbak Ebru, Martins Tiago, Probst Michael, Sönmez Onur)

Kurzbeschreibung des Entwurfs

We propose the transformation of the public space, so that the statue defines into a public platform reflecting the discussion of discrimination in online communities and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Text is gathered in real-time and composed into an ever-shifting white shadow of the statue, projected in front of it - a canvas of discursive fragments that are the building blocks of the shadow. The statue of Karl Lueger itself becomes both, the source and the host of the discussion, a silent, ponderous observer to the current comments on prejudice and discrimination.


Team 4040 is composed by people from different countries, with experience in different fields of both Art and Science. The team has come together to exchange views and complement each other's expertise in creating new experiences to deal with our perception of the interplay between society and technology.



Je nach Wunsch der Einreicher_innen sind teilweise nur Titel, Abbildung und Namen verfügbar, auch wenn die gesamte Einreichung umfangreicher war.